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As I said in my previous post, Indian management is trying to build up a milieu like English Premier League (or parallel European leagues), where people generally use to go for their favorite team, disregarding players' origin. People from the same city can go in for different teams like Chelsea/Arsenal or City/ManU. Football is way too different form of game and the players/management/clubs/countries/enthusiasts .. involved in EPL are all rich nevertheless. Their legacy is as old as nearly 100 years. But in case of cricket its not so easy to develop a team spirit among some cricketers assorted from different countries with different vernaculars whereas in case of Soccer these barriers doesnt affect too much on field. The only collateral for BCCI is their publics passion for cricket. They seem to go to the stadium to see anything in the name of cricket (it gives them an added flavor when it is a do or die type fomat called 20-20)

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