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Originally posted by chinaman

The word selection here is inflammatory and disrespectful of a person who is considered to be extremely respectable by millions. Yes, you might not be one of them, but please do not test and play with people's religious belief whatever it may be.
Hitler (and so many other historical "villains") used to be extremely respectable (you may not agree to use this 'respectable' word but that was the case for the persons concerned) by millions (or myriads, even as of today). Why are we not scolded for inflicting extremely 'disrespectful' remarks and testing and playing with people's political/ideological belief whatever it may be?

Why it is of such import when "millions" are involved in such scenario? Why, even if a single individual is hurt to the same extent, shouldn't be considered as a matter of censure?

I am not refuting anything. I am not justifying anyone. But we have limitation of vision all the same.
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