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Originally Posted by Raynman
nice sarcasm. Please re-read the post. I have no where stated that we should give up Test but merely that we need to start focusing on T20 as an important format. If you had the patience to understand the post you'd see there is a suggestion for Test cricket in there as well
Yes, it was a sarcasm. I know you didn't say to give up the test status. I suggested myself as an option. That suggestion is as good as your suggestion. The test cricket suggestion you put there is simply not acceptable by PCB, WICB, SLCB, NZCB, and ECB. How would spineless ICC would make three/four boards to agree be in the second tier? Think realistic here.
Originally Posted by Raynman
agreed. But where you feel that the attention to T20 should not take away our focus from Test, I feel that due to the concept of Test being 'real cricket' we shouldn't undermine T20 either.

My point is that all three formats are viable and we need to embrace all equally. In T20, however, we may have the advantage to establish ourselves in the elite more so than the ODI or Test.

Test is important but I don't think we'll get anywhere with the current bi-lateral FTP concept. We will only get 2 test series and wait around forever to play against the teams we could be competitive against. Thats why I made the suggestions about revamping Test cricket.
I totally disagree with all your points. In my opinion at this point of time, all three formats should not be looked at equally. T20 should be banned in BD, Zim. More 4 day games should be played in the domestic matches with better pitches, umpires, coaches, and some inclusion of foreign players.

Once we improve in test (results), you can have the reigns. Cause the ball would already started to roll. There is no stopping now (in test cricket). Then you can have all the T20 tournaments you want play.

Two different thought process of course. BCB, or any other board can't change the current ICC settings. One can't just impose and say now you can't have Ashes anymore or India-Pakistan matches. Those ideas would not fly.
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