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Good post Raynman.

The way i see it, there are many positives to take from T20, esp for a young and upcoming country like Bangladesh.

T20 clearly reduces the difference between the strength of the teams and teams like Bangladesh and Zimbabwe can fancy their luck almost everytime they face a stronger opponent.

One of our biggest weakness is the mental strength and the self believe that "WE CAN"!!
Giving our boys more chance to compete with other established teams with the notion that we can win the game, irrespective of the format, creates the self-belief "winning" culture within the team.

They can carry this self belief to the next format of the game, ie, ODI and start winning more consistenty in that format. If we can do that, it would help to create a positive mindset and environment within the team.

With that renewed confidence, they can approach the "real cricket" and apply themselves to prove their worth where it really matters.

So, i think young and inexperienced countries like Bangladesh and Zimbabwe should embrace the concept of T20 whole heartedly and use that as a base to develop further.

The whole question of adaptation lies on the basic knowledge of the game. Offcourse different players are made for different versions of the game, but someone with a good adaptability can adjust themselves to any level applied. After all, this is not a new arena they are walking. They are already changing their gears when playing test matches after a odi series or vice versa.

...and with the two tier test system, i think its inevitable. They wont pen it down, but things will shape up in that direction and i believe the cricket boards around the world will have a some sort of understanding and acceptance ( even unwillingly if need be) towards this whole two tier system.
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