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Originally Posted by Tigers_eye
T20 should be banned in BD, Zim. More 4 day games should be played in the domestic matches with better pitches, umpires, coaches, and some inclusion of foreign players.

Once we improve in test (results), you can have the reigns. Cause the ball would already started to roll. There is no stopping now (in test cricket). Then you can have all the T20 tournaments you want play.
TE, By then you will lose the ability of playing T20. Another decade + struggle to get things moving & net loss in between the money & easy way of getting some self belief as Rabz speaks etc etc. Many of the best players in Test cricket like RD, are simply not a T20 material. But the players who have continued playing all form from early stage they don't find it difficult to adjust in all form of cricket.

The best I can see, to accomodate your concern is that, to have a completely seperate T20 & Test Team, while in ODI team there can be players from both fraternity, as ODIs needs both kind of players depending on the match conditions.

Banning a form of cricket completely, will do more harm than benefit. If BD wasn't given the chance to play testc cricket, could we play such competitive tests, that we played against SL/NZ/SA in recent times? Same will happen with T20 if we leave it altogether. Most importantly, The Board & the current generation of players will miss the opportunity of earning the money which is much needed for the development of the cricketers & cricket.

SO I think we should play all formats with equal importance. every format has it's positives and negatives. Though I personally don't think there is any negative in any of the formats. ODI has made positive contributions in test cricket & cricket as a whole, why not T20? That's what I feel.
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