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Originally Posted by ro1249
I think it would be best if no one from BC tries to apply for National Team Manager this year. None of us really stand a chance of being elected and there would be too much controversy/hurt feelings over who we choose as candidates. Why don't we just wait until the BanglaCricket League/Tournament thing next season? The top 4 teams from the league/tournament will be the candidates from BC. What do you guys think?

Plus this way, the candidates would be chosen based on PERFORMANCE instead of favoritism/popularity.

Agreed. Remember performance is of importance, and really from the BC players, none of us are top 10 in Bangladesh. True I want someone from here as national manager, but honestly, I also want BD to do good, and none of us are good enough.

At the moment Cynic is the National Manager, and i think he should stay.

Another way to improve our team, spend more on academies. Get better BD players and develop them properly. The number one team is NZ, why? Because they spend MUCH more on academies.

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