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Originally Posted by bujhee kom
hey bros to the pros,

how did that piegon-waste asterius got himeself banned?
i wrote him a line "hello, salaam bro and good luck on your election campaign, etc. etc." right before the national manager election and right after i joined the game and the fruitcake insulted me back saying i was not even 50 days old so i ain't worth a vote thus i and my courteous good will gesture to him was completely valueless! dambass didn't even know or think that i wished the same to the other three running guys! anyway, with this mindset and piss-filled political attitude his future is, let's see, at the max, to struggle to wipe his own tolilet-seat for the rest of his life! where the fudge did he come from? anyway, there was never any hard feelings! he is just a little cup-cake, if i ever catch him in hell's kitchen in my neighbourhood i will slap him silly, if you know what i mean!
yeah, i am talking to you asterius, muchos gracias jerko!

"And be true to every promise- for, verily you will be called to account for every promise which you have made." - [Al Qur'an - 17:34]
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