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Originally Posted by CholCholBD
Rifat tui amar ijjot shobai re harai Rommel er kasey mar korli tuuuuuuuuuiiii
i guess i should have kept my enthusiasm to myself when i saw that my team posted a challenging total on a green pitch ..

well,that's why i love green pitches, because realistically it is a great challenge for batsmen the first 15 overs(now you wonder, why my top three "best" batsmen don't fire as often!) but after a while, it detiorates a bit and it is the type of pitch that has juice for BOTH batsmen and Bowler!

Good Game Rommel indeed, the key to defeating you is knocking your strong top order before the 25th over..too bad my gang didn't fire, but it was still a good game to watch!

No worries cholcholBD

Alhamdulillah, i am proud of my my youth team, now i have 3 "average" bowlers, 6 "ordinary" bowlers... and 2 "average" batsmen and 4 "ordinary" batsmen...i say that is a huge improvement given at the beginning of the year, everyone was poor/dreadful!

SubhanAllah indeed

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