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Originally posted by Optimist
Do you guys really know what are you talking about? Bangladesh has shown improvement in test cricket! We have just achieved our first legitimate draw! Don't mix one-day performance with test please! Please give credit where it is due. 20 years back if some one told me that Bangladesh will manage to draw test in WI within 20 years............I would not have believed. But look we have achieved that impossible!
N.B. Bangladesh S*** in limited over matches. The selectors and the adminstrators are to share most of the blame. They cut the tree that bore the fruits (premier league) without planting any new tree.
There is a reason to be frustrated here. Bangladesh had shown improvement in ODI too when they did so in the test. But after a relatively good patch, they have swooped w.r.t. performance in ODI. We didn't have a chance to know about the Test performance simply because they haven't played any test during this drop.

Have a look at the following results. These are last 23 ODIs that Bangladesh have played. I have segmented it in three parts, purely by results. In the first part you can see the huge margins by which Bangladesh was losing. Then in the second part you can see an improvedment considering the margin of defeat. And when you look at the last part, you will see aother spike in the margin.

Interesting to note that, the margin of defeat correlates with the strength of the opponent team. And the apparent purple-patch that in test arena fairly coincided with the not-so-impressive ODI-purple-patch too.

SA lost 93 runs
Aus lost 8 wkts
Aus lost 9 wkts
Aus lost 112 runs
Pak lost 137 runs

Pak lost 74 runs
Pak lost 42 runs
Pak lost 5 wkts
Pak lost 58 runs
Eng lost 7 wkts
Eng lost 7 wkts
Eng lost 7 wkts
Zim won 8 runs
Zim lost 14 runs
Zim lost 3 wkts
WI lost 1 wkts
WI lost 23 runs
WI lost 7 wkts
HK won 116 runs
Pak lost 76 runs

Ind lost 8 wkts
SL lost 10 wkts
Pak lost 6 wkts
SA lost 9 wkts
WI lost 138 runs
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