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nihi, it is quite apparent from the statistics you presented that you did not follow Bangladesh's performance keenly. let me refresh your memories........
1. Bangladesh in Australia........................bangladesh lost all the one-day matches as well as the two test matches. But if you have seen the matches or followed those you would have known that each and everyone praised our performance in those tests. No body mentioned that we played well in the limited over matches and infact we did not.

2. bangladesh against England in Bangladesh...........................Did you follow the first test? Just before lunch on the fourth day when Habibul and Hannan (?) was batting and we have already overatken their first innings lead with nine wickets in hand, most of the English Journalists thought that England was in for a shock! That was a great achievement for the test babe. But not even once during the one-day series we were competetive. (Don't want to mention that bangladesh suffered from some dubious umpiring in that test match)

Conclusion: We can't draw any parallel between our one-day and test performance.

And if you have ever followed my posts..............I was always consitant in my opinion that our one-day team is far weaker than our test team, although the same players play for both the teams. The reason? Simple! These players did not play enough one-day games even in the domestic league. Therefore they did not have enough time to develop those bad habits that was so part and parcel of our earlier generation (good for test). On the other hand they are too inexperienced for the international level (bad for one-day). I flatly blame the adminstrators and selectors for the mess they made! I think a team comprised of the oldies (Mahmud, nannu, akram, bulbul, opi, shahriyar hossain, Al Shahhriyar) will still beat our national team in one-day matches.

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