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I guess it was my fault that I couldn't make my point clear. Disagreeing with you, one thing I maintain that there IS a hazy line that you can draw parallel between ODI and test performance of Bangladesh. And you can see it in the information that I have provided.

Bangladesh started showing improvement in test during the series in Pakistan, and continued that through England, Zimbabwe and WI. Now, before Pakistan series, Bangladesh was doing horrible in test. And after the WI series, Bangladesh hasn't played any test. Now if you look at the 23 ODI results that I presented,you will see that Bangladesh also did better in Pakistan, England, Ziambabwe and WI series. Same way, we were doing worse before that, horrible in fact. Now if you do percieve a line there, given the recent horrible run in ODI, one can blamelessly be apprehensive about the coming series with Kiwis. Only thing is that, since we go through ups and downs, Bangladesh may give it a pull now. But in that case, it will be safe to assume that they will do comparatively better in ODIs too.
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