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It is very easy to manipulate five years of inconsitant data.....and whatever conclusion you come to is yours own and nobody can change that. But I don't understand how that can form the basis of a flat comment like " Bangladesh will get their bottom kicked again and again they wont improve, i am sick of their losing matches".

It is understandable that we will be apprehensive.........but it is beyond me how Bangladesh's performance makes some one so pessimistic. I guess if some one follows the game without any reality check he is bound to be very disappointed. I'm not; I know the reality and the reality is Bangladesh has suffered in one-day and to some extent test matches because they have neglected their domestic cricket. The good thing is that the admistrators have understood that.............and hopefully they will not do the same mistake again.

And to speak about reality......................If I were to bet my money I will bet that bangladesh will losse all the matches to NZ. Even the worst of NZ batters are better than our best. The pacer that won't make NZ team will walk into Bangladesh team. So if you expect too much that will make you disappointed. Fwullah has compiled some very useful data which can form the basis of our expectation........a couple of centuries or 5 wicket haul or something like that. If wishes were horses...........Bangladesh would thrash Australia. It is OK to hope for anything but to actually talk as if those hopes are realistic is foolishness.

By the may be foolishness on my part to make sense of your post.

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