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Originally posted by nihi
" Bangladesh will get their bottom kicked again and again they wont improve, i am sick of their losing matches"

I thought you didn't take the above statement word by word, and rather took it as a way to vent the frustration of a fan. Too obvious to explain, but if the poster didn't really expect bangladesh to improve, he wouldn't have been posting here. And my assimilation to that post was nothing but to share my own frustration.
Read my above post again and see whether I understand that it was frustation or not. My point was that we don't need to be frustated.

I am not sure what you meant by "five years of inconsistent data". Because that nullifies your conclusion that test performance was better the ODI, too. Because you too are justifying your stand from the same data. Anyway, I never denied that Bangladesh has been doing better in test than ODI. I found that too obvious to take the pain to prove that. My attempt was to refute the brooding idea that there was no functional relationship between the performances in both versions of the game.
The data was inconsitent in terms of your conclusion. It was not for my conclusion; which is plainly clear from your own statement above. if Bangladesh is doing better in tests when compared to ODI and our ODI performance is pathetic to say the least then how do you draw the parallel (functional????????????????????????)? Infact our test curve is consistantly upwards there is no glaring inconsistency. Becoming frustated just after we achieved our best test series result just does not make sense!!! It just gives fuel to detractors!! If you vent your frustation about one-day performance that I can understand. But I don't understand why we should not rejoice our relative success in test cricket in apprehension of unjustified doom!!! I'm repeating one thing.............our one-day debacle was entirely can not introduce all these young players at once.............Everyone now subscribe to that view.................And some of us said it before!

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