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Originally Posted by thebest
Kiwies are already released. So ICL is falling down
Sorry could not agree with the bolded part in first part. Why Naeem would suffer for Alok's greed. and why Ash ( Gadha or Village Idiot or whatever name you call) have to share the same dressing room with some smart greedy low life Dhiman or Nafees.
We have already discussed the traitors issue is not it? For once I came back and I have earned the right to call them traitor. Secondly, those educated traitors (?) were not offered 60,000 BDT per month or if you include all the perks One crore taka per year. Offer the money I belive all of them would come back. Thirdly, in most cases those educated traitors (?) who are at the moment are working with the top notch brain in the top notch facility could not perform the task in Bangladesh because simply we could not provide them the same facility. These cricketing traitors have the access to almost same quality facility as that of their colleagues of other teams of the world. BTW I never called them traitor. BUT Dhiman (I have done enough), Alok (Ash force me to do it; BCB did not offer me contract after I score a century) and SN (ICL is the best thing happens to me) deserve to called traitor. BTW SN (the ring leader) is highly literate.
These scumbags should not be allowed within 100 m of any cricket field of Bangladesh till they show real remorse and unconditional apology to the nation, to the fan, to their colleagues in national, divisional and local teams, BCB. Still after the lesser evils (Aftab who showed little remorse, the useless Nazim, Rubel) have to start from zero and have to dislodge the present team player by performing miles better and the traitors(SN, Dhiman and AK) should not be in national team even this mean we are missing the second coming of Barry Richards, Gilchrist and Benaud. The 70s South Africa is would have been one of the best team ever assembled to play cricket. But they never played together (Van der Blitz - the S African Garner did not play play) due to apartheid. On principle ICC agreed that aparthied has no place in cricket and SA lose the right to show their jewels . Interestingly one of the best player of the team Eddi Burlow (RIP, Our Coach) said that he has little regret for not playing test match as he though that was the right thing to do. Similarly not allowing those three for wearning Bangladesh cap again would send strong message to all the would be traitors that you have live with consequence.
As I mentioned earlier I am willing to forgive those who sold their skill but not those who sold their soul.
Though the analogy might be inappropriate it is something I am willing to forgive Chickon Ali (the only convict under Collaborator Act) but not the Nizami, Mujahid, Golam Azam
Please answer the bolded part. I am a University teacher and earning less than one third per month than Ashraful. I could not improve my doctoral work because of lack of facility in my university (and this is a top most one) or any university in Bangladesh. Ash and co get almost the same facility that Ponting got. The difference may be Ponting don't have to come in Sydny while Ash has to be in Dhaka

Originally Posted by BANFAN
Why not, if Naeem cannot perform better than they do in domestic, why not? There is no place for emotion and charity in national team. It's simple, whoever plays better will be in the team. So long all the players are BD nationals.
National team is always involve emotion. Why we feel dejected whenever Bangladesh? It is just a game is not it? When Abahoni we feel dejected but almost every Abahoni supporter is in BC. Check that when we lost to Zimbabawe. No body is talking about charity. Returning the place that Alok vacated which Nayeem took would be charity. With the excpetion of the three I have already mentioned that ICLers have to prove again and perform miles better to dislodge Nayeem/ Riyad.
And I would have always doubt in their bad performance whether they were sold to money, because they were proven once. Previously when Aftab got out to a stupid shot I would have blame his stupidness now I would suspect may be he got money to play that shot.

Originally Posted by BANFAN

I don't remember that any thread made a binding decision of calling them traitors. I didn't call them then and won't call them traitors now.

You are trying to paint two similar situations with brushes of wishful colours only. They were all offered a job in BD institutes and they accepted it and waited for the chance of PhD & then abscoded. More money? yes, that's the common factor. Cricketers give us pleasure through their skills & the teachers give us knowledge, you decide which is a service of soul & which is skill.
Was not BCB invested on them? Two of the traitors (SN, Dhiman) are product of our famed U19. Sorry to disappoint you, those teacher do not abscond; they resigned and returned all the monetary benefit they got during the time they stay overseas (that is their training period; not the time when they were doing their job,in the study leave the university is investing on them). Unlike the cricketers whose investment just come to zero

Originally Posted by BANFAN

I can safely say, that the cricketers sold their skills & the absconding teachers sold their souls.
I am with agreement with you long before you posted in this thread that cricketers sold their skill; but I have just objection on three I mentioned . Can you please explain how those teachers sold their soul. I would appreciate that.
Because still today I have not heard of any Non Resident former teacher bad mouthing their alma mater or even their employer university in Bangladesh rather I found many (For example Dr. Ataul Karim) who feel prouder being an alumni of BUET or Dhaka University than a famed western university.
The first things these three ICL traitors did was demonize Bangladesh National Team, BCB, Bangla Language (who can forget Dhiman speaking in fluent Hindi; BTW I don't think it is a crime; but someone might think; there is a thread), our national team captain. None of the university teachers do it in public though they have dissatisfaction againest their employer (we all do)
Twenty20 is not a gentleman's game. It's like a one-night stand and not a marriage. It is a street format and the goonda doesn't know what is a late cut or a cover drive

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