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Originally posted by fwullah
Optimist, and those of you who support Optimist's view, isn't it logical that the good or bad performances of test cricket will influence the performances of ODI cricket? Similarly, the good or bad performances of ODI cricket will influence our performances in Test cricket?

So may be, the bad performances in the Asia Cup and the ICC Champions Trophy will affect performances in test cricket in the coming NZ series, at least there's a possibility.
Your point may be valid to some extend, but we need to remember one thing that these two formats of cricket demands two different mind-sets. I believe that, one of the main reasons of failure of our top order batsmen in the ODIs is a huge pressure of expectation and resposibility on them. Whereas in tests the mind sets are quite different.

And I believe that our players will keep them ready for the test series not having been negetively influenced by their recent failures.
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