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Originally posted by fwullah
Optimist, and those of you who support Optimist's view, isn't it logical that the good or bad performances of test cricket will influence the performances of ODI cricket? Similarly, the good or bad performances of ODI cricket will influence our performances in Test cricket?

So may be, the bad performances in the Asia Cup and the ICC Champions Trophy will affect performances in test cricket in the coming NZ series, at least there's a possibility.
I agree with you that bad one-day performance can influence test performance. But my argument is that our dismal one-day performance is entirely expected. Our young guns are just perfecting their techniques for survival. In one-day cricket one needs to improvise and adjust their game according to situation; that will only come with experience. But our goal in test cricket is very simple........survive. Each delivery our batsmen play will create additional pressure on the opponents. As the opponents are expected to win, they have to take all the initiatives. Recently John Bracewell have mentioned that in his interview. I don't think Ashraful will be asked to play his shots in test cricket which I bet was his instruction as an opener in one-day team. Rajin will also be able to play his occupying game. The only two players who will have the license to play their shots will be Habibul Bashar and Mohammed Rafique.

But please note that I'm not expecting Bangladesh to beat NZ. We will have to play out of our skin to even be competetive over five days. As you have mentioned earlier, our expectation should be some good individual performances. If 80% of the players can improve their batting and bowling averages that will do for me. I have no expectation for the one-dayers. Players like Javed Omar will not even make it to the UAE 11. But we have none better than him!!! Kenyan opening pair of Ravindu Shah and Kennedy Otiano is 20-times better than ours! It is beyond my imagination how we could loose players like Shariyar Hossain and Mehrab Hossain!!!! Based on their performances 5/6 years ago, they should have been in their prime now!!

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