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Default Shopping or Downloading BD Cricket Video on Internet

Hi all, my brother is coming to BD this November, I'm thinking of buying or downloading any of Bangladesh cricket's video.

I just got only one of my favorite and that's Cricinfo's carnival of cricket 1999 DVD edition, but that costs 20 pounds. I was wondering if I could get it at a cheaper price somewhere else, or if there is any other cricket video of BD cricket available over the Internet or not.

If you want to suggest anything, just keep in mind that may be I can get a video (VHS) of some of Bangladesh's full (ODI) matches for 500 Taka (or more) in Dhaka. So I'm hoping to tell Bhaia to get something in package, but also relatively cheaper (not only 1 full match, or not somewhere in the excess of 20 pounds).

By the way, there is also one other video, which I'm not gonna tell to buy and that's the 2003 world cup video.
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