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Originally Posted by nadim 98
i got only 3 of senior reserve in my team they all 20-22 yrs old &
1)Bat=Reliable, Tec=Capable(finisher)
2)Bowl=capable,Tec=Capable(Fast bowler)
3)Bowl=Reliable, Tec=Resonable(Fast medium)

Originally Posted by Akib
Sadly... they would all make my first team....

My reservers are Capable/reasonables...
Originally Posted by nadim 98
and if i buy a reliable+reliable batsman below 23.... my 27 yrs old reliable batsman with resoanable experience, cap. tec and resonable power & average fielding will be reserve
: floor:

sadly enough both of your reserves would make my first 11.. still looking to buy more young and good players.. i still have 300 k left so atleast want to buy 4 more good young players (50 k each).. btw facing river to river in BD champions league.. who is this guy.. i dont think he is from BC.. do i stand a chance of winning??..
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