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Originally Posted by BANFAN
Lahore Badshah or Pak players contracts might be terminated for the same reason IPL contracts were also terminated for Pak players. Thread is creating a very weak rumour by itself.

If all ICL contracts are terminated, all the players should be allowed to play in domestic and those who will perform well should be taken in the national team. Last thing we need is to show our grudge and invite partisan ship in our cric arena.

Traitor is a big word, there are almost a hundred or more educated traitors who went for Highers studies with govt money and never came back after study. These are young not so educated cricketers only.
No matter how logically you phrase it; we are unprofessional in our thinking. So, terms like 'rebel', 'traitor', 'forgiveness' will prevail in Bangladesh, because their cricket career is on the hand of the BCB officials, while even the Bangladesh Govt has the minimum of control over my life abroad. On the backside of the passport, they write that every Bangladeshi National is supposed to report to the Nearby bangladesh Embassy at least once per year. In my last 8 years, the only time I contacted them is just to renew the pass.

Bangladeshe chole thekar ayeen. Jake thekate pare na, taake salam dey, jaake thekanor upay paowa jay, taake motamuti pishe fele. No one cares what will bring good to the main cause.

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