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Originally Posted by BangladeshFan
like most of the poeple in this thread, i dont agree with the "traitor" thing, everyone looks at their future and career and players specially as they wont be earning the same amount all life. also people who work for foreign companies arent necessarily traitors in this global environment. Bangladesh need more people with "hunger for success" and this will propagate from individual to society, only patriotism doesnt buy it anymore.

besides why do we care for if it is ipl or icl? from our perspective, its bangladesh we care for, and we should try our best to let these young talents to play for the country. i have bought tickets for india vs. Bd in the 20-20 WC and it will be really sad not to see players like aftab, nazim or alok play for Bd, with them we could have just upset India once again and progress more in the tournament.
oh please...people like aftab, nazim or alok have had very little match experience over the last 6+ months - we are speaking of them in this thread as if they were the heroes of BD cricket when they were with us... aftab provided some support and alok and nazim had nothin amazingly great to offer...i dont understand what everybody expects these three to do this time if they are brought back really...

secondly, there must be people in this world who we love because they can resist the temptation for large sums of money, and patriotism must be important to a certain extent esp if you are making a decent salary e.g. some G8 players decided to opt out of the IPL because they wanted to serve their country. these are players that we all look up to and supported regardless of the situation - you only do that for someone u admire and u admire those that show strong moral foundations

...aftab and SN were consistently on our national team when they were not injured and may weren't making 60,000 dollars in 1 month but nevertheless were making substantial amounts of money (by BD standards)...they should also have considered the possibility of making money from other sources in the future (as is now possible e.g. PCL)

frankly, i think they were lazy, greedy people and are highly likely to be unfit and unqualified people and the BD team should not have anything to do with them!
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