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Originally Posted by patriot
I hate to admit but Bokanaan is spot on with this! To make the league more exciting and tough you need more foreign players . Barring the 15 odd Indian national team players , the performance of other Indian domestic players in the matches played so far were poor and embarrassing at times. Yusuf Abdullah hasn’t played a game for SA and he comes to the IPL and currently heads the highest wicket takers list . Why ? Cos , Ashok dinda , Manpreet gony , Ajit Agarkar , Ashihs Nehra , Laxmi Shukla are all Rubbish .

Every team is banking on its foreign players to win a game. The performance of these 4 players (and the Indian national team players) decide the outcome of a match. The rest are just filling in spaces. Just look at KKR.
But isnt it the stated objective of IPL ? To get the Indian talent out .Last year we got Yousaf Pathan ,Mishra and < forgot the name of the lefty batsmen from RR>
Also the fringe players got a look into.RP singh is back to form thanks IPL
.This year there are a few more !

The quality of the games might imroove if the number of foreign players are increased but the objective of IPL will be lost .Also , its a double edged sword.IPL targets Indian audience.The Indian audience wants quality as well as local new stars.A thin line to balance on ... I think 4 is good call , 5 might be ok but will be a streach considering that there will 3-4 Indian stars per team .This would leave less than 3/4 slots for the Under 21's and upcoming players.If I were to watch only international and established stars play I rather watch an international game...

International interest ( including BD) is good for IPL but I think the interest is misplaced.Its like the Chinese interested in NBA ..China might send an NBA star who might put the NBA stage on fire but at the end of the day its a US 'domestic'/franchise game.
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