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Originally Posted by al Furqaan
why would anyone want to sleep with him especially after this revelation?

wouldn't u want such info to be made public, so your daughter isn't caught up in allure and winds up getting burned? i'm sure anyone would.

when ur a pro athlete, or any other sort of person in the public eye, you lose some of your privacy. i'm not justifying this violation of HEPA standards, but lets look at it this way, a reason has to be given for why he's been omitted. basically the brother shouldn't have effed around. he's gonna have to lie in the bed that he made, no pun intended.

once again, shoaib's ability to self destruct shows no bounds.
al Furqaan, cant agree with you here despite your anaology.His personal life is his ! The only think PCB is responsible for is whether he should play for Pak or not .

I cant see how a medical condition (whatever it is !) can made public without his consent !!

Again, whether such conditions (STD's) should made made public in the larger interest of the society (so that the govt/society can control its spread) is a different argument altogether.PCB has no authority to play the "moral police" in here.Its nothing but being vindictive.
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