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Originally Posted by bujhee kom
don't you get genital warts from touching frogs/toads inappropriately or something?
Bhai eishob kotha apni kotha thika shunchen?

Genital warts happen from various strains of HPV (HUMAN papilloma virus). It is a preventable disease - there is a vaccine for it. It is actually recommended that all girls after certain age get vaccinated against HPV. As always whenever there is talk of vaccine there is dumb public outcry - apparently parents feel this vaccine would make their girls more "promiscuous".

I think we can make this disease history if we want to. I will get my daughter the shot for sure but I might have to hide what it is for :p

In any case, I think al furqan really needs a lesson on ethics. Anyone, including you furqan can get it by no fault of yours.... so one shouldn't judge too fast. (not that I am defending Akhtar character but even he has rights I am afraid.)
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