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Originally Posted by Orpheus
Bhai eishob kotha apni kotha thika shunchen?

Genital warts happen from various strains of HPV (HUMAN papilloma virus). It is a preventable disease - there is a vaccine for it. It is actually recommended that all girls after certain age get vaccinated against HPV. As always whenever there is talk of vaccine there is dumb public outcry - apparently parents feel this vaccine would make their girls more "promiscuous".

I think we can make this disease history if we want to. I will get my daughter the shot for sure but I might have to hide what it is for :p

In any case, I think al furqan really needs a lesson on ethics. Anyone, including you furqan can get it by no fault of yours.... so one shouldn't judge too fast. (not that I am defending Akhtar character but even he has rights I am afraid.)

ethics don't apply to shoaib live by the sword, you die by it.

any other person, its the same thing. but clearly, as surfer said this was a calculated move by the PCB. some may disagree and thats their prerogative.

its true i might get genital warts, but seeing as how i don't use public restrooms (depends all the way baby!), nor put my "cricket bat" into harms way, the only way is by God strucking me down for not caring about Shoaib's lack of privacy.
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