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Originally Posted by cricman
Someone should email CI to see if they can send a Scorer down to the ground or to give someone from the NZC Administrative powers to see if they can do a little ball by ball. I doubt BBC has a radio affilate that will dedicate coverage to this match in Wormsley.
Cricman bhai, please you do that! What do you mean? We do not have match coverage for these matches? Are you kidding me???? MAAAN! We need coverage! Please bhais, give me blady phone number...I will call that person and beg for match updates, anybody, anywhere! Please, we need ball by ball upodate!!!
Ai hai...after all these years some BD Tigers related major international match against major power of crickey and you mean to tell us that we have no broadcasting....Maaan! Waht about BCB, Tigercricket? BTV? NTV? None? What should we do? please bhais in London, Manchester, Westchester please do something...put ball by ball /second by second score update here on BC!! Allah and the good nature will do good for you!
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