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Now we have the chance to play 13 players tomorrow. So While batting, we should have Shamshur and Mithun in; and while bowling we should have Razzak and Rajib in.

The dropped ones should be Mushy and Raqib.

The thing is, I don't really want a rookie keeper in the match against India, but if Mithun can show anything in the match against Sri Lanka, then I think we can have a new thought. Otherwise, I would sacrifice one hard-hitting batsman (if Mithun really is that) for a consistent keeper. Imagine Mithun playing and giving away extra 20-25 runs for inexperience, that would be a disaster.

And Raqib is just not the type of player naturally who'll make every single bad ball to the fence, and we need just the opposite of that; so he's off. He's a holding player but I think we got enough of that in the middle order.

One good thing about today's match is that Zunaed kinda got his touch back. That delivery was too good from Johnson, so it's acceptable. But he was able to match Tamim's blistering start, which is really good to see.

Tamim, Ash and Shakib played good, bravo! Riyad got kinda slow at the end, but still I'd live with that. Naeem is quite similar to Riyad in everything, so I would want him in too. So five of them should be in.

Mash really needs to keep his line and length tight like the first 3-4 deliveries in the first over. He shouldn't try much fancy stuff, as most of the time he's unsuccesful. As the main strike bowler, he's in but we need more from him desperately to have a chance against the biggies.

Rubel was impressive at the death overs, he really kept it tight and was unlucky to go for couple of boundaries. He should stay too.

Now I'm not really sure about how effective Rasel will be in these fast pitches coz he'd try to bowl slower and it's gonna be just of the perfect pace for the batsman to deal with. But he should get another go but Rajib should be given a chance too against SL. So I'd want to go with four pacers, just to see if Rajib can offer anything special in the bouncy pitches.

Razzak might be given a go too after seeing how Shak, Naeem and Riyad (tho got 4 wkts) were taken apart. So just an experiment.

So batting XI: 1. Tamim 2. Mithun 3. Zunaed 4. Ash 5. Shakib 6. Riyad 7. Naeem
8. Shamshur 9. Mortaza 10. Razzak 11. Rajib

For bowling: Rubel and Rasel can come in for any two of the fielders.

...phew, was a good match! First over I really went nuts.. ... Well played, the tigers; just missed the Kangaroo Roast, but Lion Curry is the order for tomorrow ....galop!
Man is here.

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