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Default 'Who to blame': guilty of the day thread

Lets keep this running for a while. Im sure we will have atleast one to blame for each match. Even if we win or lose.

For todays match i blame the tt(top trio)
1. Tamim-gave his wickets away
2. Ash-only he knows what goes into his empty head
3. Shakib- you are not a sloger.. Then why did you even try?
Nb: I don't think its not Rakibul's fault that he plays that way.. ITS OUR GARBAGE HEAD SELECTORS who doesn't know squat about t/20


Don't want want to blame anyone today.

1. Mushfiqur rahim- the modern rajakar

Now the REAL culprit of the day:
ATAHAR ALI- from the moment he started talking, india started to dominate.

..please reveal your guilty of the day...
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