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lot of things to say after todays game,
firstly, our bowling has gone weaker than seven or eight months ago, mainly because of two reasons.
regretfully razzak is no longer as effective as before because for his changed action so we lost our prime spinner and Rasel is out of touch at the moment. his replacement rubel has pace and potential to be a good bowler but he still needs to learn a lot to control his line and length, until than he will go for huge runs everytime. ultimate effect would be we will get bigger target to chase. they used shahadat today and went for runs as usual. you cannot expect better than this from shahadat honestly. naeem is more like a containment bowler and bowling him at the crucial point of the match changed the complexion in the last few matches including this one. all in all we have now only two quality bowler in the line up shakib and mash. which is by no means enough to win matches against big teams.
secondly. mushfique made two lethal mistakes today. we got away with the first one as rohit sharma was bowled out in the immediate next delivery. and we observed the consequence of the second one of letting of yuvraj.
finally, in batting too many orthodox batsmen down the order but we need big hitters in those positions for t20 . no comments about Ashraful as every body knows his temparament in batting. little bit immaturity shown by shakib who started to slog in every ball from the geginning and tamim for misjudgement. only positive is Z got runs after a long time and we desparately needed some contribution from 2nd opening position, hopefully this is just a start.
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