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Originally Posted by nadim 98
Guy's chill just a 20-20 match(fun match)..look at AUS,they getting kicked out as well....We should care about more test and ODI.

Life goes on so what's the point of banging ur head on the table or wasting ur tears just for a fun match.
20-20 match=Fun match

ask all the cricket expert whether they like 20-20 or ODI & Test.the answer will be Test and ODI.

What's the point cussing or criticising our player or coach? does they hear our voice?no?so keep u voice in ur heart, it would be better!

Just think...did u able to walk stright way when u came to this world? It same apply to BD coz we only been full ICC member for 9 years compare to all other 10 countries.

GO BD GOI'm always with u
Onek hoise vai. Ei bar maaf koren.
And Allah Knows the best
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