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Default Frame-by-Frame Analysis of the Match

although a 4, still not a mati kamrano shot, in the air, foreshadow of wicket
1:20 had 14 of the so far but takes the bait AND STILL GOES FOR THE UNNECESSARY PREMEDITATED SLOG
Early wicket causes pressure
2:10 Lovely cut by Tamim
2:25 Most pivotal point of the game. Especially getting a life from here, Ash should have been cautious in the coming deliveries....
4:05 And voila! You have the desired outcome from the bad omen in the former frame. Not footwork or bodywork whatsoever, doesn't make any room for himself...
4:43 At this stage, nearing the halfway park in six and a half overs for loss of 2.
Still ok.
4:47 But....but since peter vaat digestioniziation kora lagbo, we have this. Totally unnecessary taking of the aerial route.
5:37 God still favoring on us. However, Fate cast a different die. This is just pure misfortune. Tamim was steadily getting dangerous and in that zeal he became overeager and scampered for a non existant run. Another turning point.
6:19 61-4 Now massive pressure on us. And since everybody knows we are lame at mental game, their demoralizing self-defeat body language will soon be apparent.
And idiot Riyad should have sacrificed.
6:40 Pure brilliance. Genius wicketkeeping from the Irish side. Another idiotic victim of sharp as needle fielders. At this stage game is almost swaying Ireland's favor cuz of the lack of mental strength of BD. 66-5 is still not a pressure, but we have the uncanny gift of making it a pressure.
7:08 EVEN after all these, another black ill omen of taking the forbidden aerial route.
Some partnership thanks to Rakib will lead to this... (hate to say this Rakib actually steadied the sail here.)
7:21 Rakibul bowled 92-6.
7:51 Another Aerial route! Have you lost your count by now?
6:13 Failure to protecting the stumps, misread bowler. But I got sympathy for Naeem, 1.he played well against eendia and 2. he cant buoy a sinking dinghy at this stage.
9:08 Here here HIGHEST IRELAND MADE IN ANY T20 SO FAR WAS 119!! We still had some psychological hope at this level.
Finally some bravado batting by Mashrafe lead to this:
9:35 :-] Stil a pretty medium-strong score. We can still win this game if we give 200% in the field and from intelligent bowling.

But poor line and length from Rubel and Mash would lead to:

1:00 36-1 Incorrigble deliveries from Mashrafe. I guess the Past of KKR incubus still haunting him with this oneiric, wet deliveries.
2:16 Shakib the wizard strikes, but too late. Them Irish are already at the halfway mark with only loss of two wickets. Statisically game swaying in their favor. Still the deflated spirti of BD could have created a complete volte-face, but
2:46 IRE 80-3 RRR: 7.91 > RR 6.32 We could still have choked them by playing the Russian roulette number game. But we didnt add enough pressure in the vice.
3:16 Check check. IRE 95-4. RR 6.20 wayyy less than RR 8.81. Still anybody's game.
3:32 Three boundaies: 1 SIX from Shakib and 2 FOURS from Rubel changed the course of the game.

Gopal's Moral(e) of the Day: Never underestimate your opponent. And never ever ever give up. We could have easily had him. And there in lies the rub...cuz of the word "easily."
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