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Originally posted by BD Tigers
Mr-Khan, i dont think u saw bulbul play before or not much cricket. yea i know he is old (36?) but he's a batsman - not a bowler. Bowler faces lot of problems when they grow old, but batsman can still play even if there are over 35. Yes they loose their reflex but class and experience balance that out. Look at players like Ranatunga, De Silva etc. (cannot think of other aged players but i am pretty there are more) and how they played.

Our talented cubs are sailing a ship without any guide. bashar/Aminul or players like them can guide them thru. it could be a year or a series.

Saying Bulbul cannot give anything - is an insult to him and others.
Selectors are looking for young players and i believe that these young are better in this moment.Bubul was a great cricketer but now he cant play like before because of a long gap from national team.He is playing in au but it does't mean that he should be back in national team for that reason.
Originally posted by BD TigersSaying Bulbul cannot give anything - is an insult to him and others.
If u really respect bulbut than stop saying "Bring back bulbul or something"
No doubt that he was a great player but this time we have many option and we should find a good solution for present situation.This is 2004 not 2000.Dont think that Bulbul will back again and make another 100+.
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