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Originally posted by mr-khan
Originally posted by nasifkhan
No doubt that he was a great player but this time we have many option and we should find a good solution for present situation.This is 2004 not 2000.Dont think that Bulbul will back again and make another 100+.
Mr Khan ..Can u tell me who are the options ? Please give suitable reason for your answer also.

Pls dont tell me abt the U19 players. They were produced in the camp and are being trained in the camp.
How many current U19 players have first class or domestic league experience. Can u tell me?
Many option mean the player who are playing in national team.We have not a good middle order but bulbul is not the solution.This is really stupid to think abt him.Shahriar hossain is a good option.He is a opener but if ashraful comes in middle order again and Shahriar open with Javed or Nafis.Shahriar has retired but if selectors wants he can change his desecion.If not Shahriar may be Tushar imran,Al-shahriar.They did not get much chance but if they get chance like Alok-kapali,Hannan may be they could conform their place in national team.

Now please tell me that If Bulbul back again what can he do?
Obviously he will have an impact in the team. It may be by his performance or by guiding the younger player by sharing his vast experience.

About Shahriar Hossain Bidyut, I would also like see him back to the team. But u cant say anything abt Rokon. He had many opportuinities to prove him but he failed miserably.
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