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Originally posted by BD Tigers
21.20 batting avg may be higher than 2/3rd of the team specialist batsman I think (who played 13 tests). Narvene bhai could find that out for us. One thing you guys have to know that when I or fan like me are asking for Bulbul to come back, doesnt mean that he will be our savior. He will probably will not score another 100 runs. But what he will do is to give boost of confidence to our current players which are lacking very much (just like '03 WC). He can guide the players while he's in the middle or outside. People like Rajin, Alok, Hannan and other 19yrs could get a lot more knowledge from him or a shoulder to cry on when they are in deep sh?t.

But saying all these, he could be a total failure. But we will never know unless he gets a chance. He has not retired. He wants to play still - so give him a chance and if he fails then he can retire from there. At least he/we will know that he tried.
good point.....

He deserves a last chance...
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