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Originally Posted by Ashraf-FTP
haha.. you guys made up a pretty nice stroy..

no JW means/is the short form of Just Wondering.. so my whole sentence was just wondering, how old are you ?? (to turbz)
What did you think?
I'm 24, just recently (last year) graduated from uni (5.5 years). Working full-time now.

I did use the older version of the FTP Squad Tool before but didn't really like downloading it all. I use my own spreadsheet which I update regularly, records all pops and training of all players so I know approximately when they're popping and team/player results. To see the training results/pop times of this Squad Tool, you need at least a season worth of xml files downloaded each week, though outlines the playing conditions (pitch/weather) and how it affects each player rather well.

I won my match today, against the team Akib beat in yesterday's youth match.
Also, got my first outstanding pop, in bowling on a 20yo.
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