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Default Bangladeshi Match Winner Player(s) - myth or reality?

The way we use Match Winner and "Playing his Natural Game" is kind of over using these terms I guess. Beamer addressed "Natural Game" aspect and here in this thread I would try to discuss about Match Winner issues. Do we really have any? if so, who are they?

We often argue that this guy is match winner and that guy is not and to prove our case we stage and filter our data and use our fuzzy logic to say this 50 was better than that 50 or a 100 somehow is astronomically better than a 95 for example. But for me its pure straight and simple who I consider a match winner (if any) and who is not.

I don't want to distinguish the quality of the score, the opponent, nor do I want to distinguish between a 100 and a 98 beyond that 2 run difference. To me, every runs counts, every wicket counts and every opponent counts equal. When BD plays against any opponent ODI or TEST, that records counts.

To me, to be considered to be a match winning performance, he needs to win MOM award. There may be multiple players who contribute significantly, but the one who wins the MOM is officially considered the best performer in that particular game, and therefore the Match Winner. Others are contributors and may be potential match winner, but definitely not the match winner in that game.

In the next two posts I would show the stat for TEST MOM and ODI MOM for all the games that we played. That would give us if really we have any significant match winner or not. Also I am going take into consideration how many times they played and calculate their potential MOM rate. I think it’s unfair for a player who may played 10 games with 1 MOM to compare with another player with 5 MOM with 100 games with pure total number of MOM they each got. That’s why I am calculating potential MOM rate.

I hope it will shed some light to some
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