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2000IndiaIndiaSB Joshi (India)
2001ZimbabweZimbabweJaved Omar (Bangladesh)
2001ZimbabweZimbabweGJ Whittall (Zimbabwe)
2001PakistanPakistanDanish Kaneria (Pakistan)
2001Sri LankaSri LankaMohammad Ashraful (Bangladesh)
M Muralitharan (Sri Lanka)
2001ZimbabweDrawTJ Friend (Zimbabwe)
2001ZimbabweZimbabweGW Flower (Zimbabwe)
2001New ZealandNew ZealandMH Richardson (New Zealand)
2001New ZealandNew ZealandCD McMillan (New Zealand)
2002PakistanPakistanAbdul Razzaq (Pakistan)
2002PakistanPakistanYousuf Youhana (Pakistan)
2002Sri LankaSri LankaM Muralitharan (Sri Lanka)
2002Sri LankaSri LankaMG Vandort (Sri Lanka)
2002South AfricaSouth AfricaGC Smith (South Africa)
2002South AfricaSouth AfricaJH Kallis (South Africa)
2002West IndiesWest IndiesJJC Lawson (West Indies)
2002West IndiesWest IndiesAlok Kapali (Bangladesh)
2003South AfricaSouth AfricaJA Rudolph (South Africa)
2003South AfricaSouth AfricaMohammad Rafique (Bangladesh)
2003AustraliaAustraliaSR Waugh (Australia)
2003AustraliaAustraliaSCG MacGill (Australia)
2003PakistanPakistanYasir Hameed (Pakistan)
2003PakistanPakistanShoaib Akhtar (Pakistan)
2003PakistanPakistanInzamam-ul-Haq (Pakistan)
2003EnglandEnglandSJ Harmison (England)
2003EnglandEnglandRL Johnson (England)
2004ZimbabweZimbabweSM Ervine (Zimbabwe)
2004ZimbabweDrawNot Recorded
2004West IndiesDrawCH Gayle (West Indies)
2004West IndiesWest IndiesRR Sarwan (West Indies)
2004New ZealandNew ZealandBB McCullum (New Zealand)
2004New ZealandNew ZealandSP Fleming (New Zealand)
2004IndiaIndiaIK Pathan (India)
2004IndiaIndiaMohammad Ashraful (Bangladesh)
2005ZimbabweBangladeshEnamul Haque jnr (Bangladesh)
2005ZimbabweDrawT Taibu (Zimbabwe)
2005EnglandEnglandME Trescothick (England)
2005EnglandEnglandMJ Hoggard (England)
2005Sri LankaSri LankaM Muralitharan (Sri Lanka)
2005Sri LankaSri LankaTT Samaraweera (Sri Lanka)
2006Sri LankaSri LankaMohammad Ashraful (Bangladesh)
2006Sri LankaSri LankaWU Tharanga (Sri Lanka)
2006AustraliaAustraliaAC Gilchrist (Australia)
2006AustraliaAustraliaJN Gillespie (Australia)
2007IndiaDrawMashrafe Mortaza (Bangladesh)
2007IndiaIndiaZ Khan (India)
2007Sri LankaSri LankaM Muralitharan (Sri Lanka)
2007Sri LankaSri LankaKC Sangakkara (Sri Lanka)
2007Sri LankaSri LankaM Muralitharan (Sri Lanka)
2008New ZealandNew ZealandJDP Oram (New Zealand)
2008New ZealandNew ZealandDL Vettori (New Zealand)
2008South AfricaSouth AfricaJH Kallis (South Africa)
2008South AfricaSouth AfricaGC Smith (South Africa)
2008New ZealandNew ZealandDL Vettori (New Zealand)
2008New ZealandDrawDL Vettori (New Zealand)
2008South AfricaSouth AfricaGC Smith (South Africa)
2008South AfricaSouth AfricaAG Prince (South Africa)
2008Sri LankaSri LankaShakib Al Hasan (Bangladesh)

The above table is the summary of all the 58 TEST that we played. There was 1 Win, 6 Draw and 51 Loss.
Only 9 times a BD player was rewarded as MOM i.e Match winning perforamce.

The following table have the list of these players and their Potential MOM Rate (PMOMR)

PlayerMOMTEST PlayedPotntial MOM Rate
Javed Omar (Bangladesh)1402.50%
Mohammad Ashraful (Bangladesh)3486.25%
Alok Kapali (Bangladesh)1175.88%
Mohammad Rafique (Bangladesh)1333.03%
Enamul Haque jnr (Bangladesh)1137.69%
Mashrafe Mortaza (Bangladesh)1352.86%
Shakib Al Hasan (Bangladesh)1128.33%

My conclusion:

None of our players have good PMOMR to be proud of

Only one player, Ashraful, has multiple MOM

Young players like Shakib and Enamul has better PMOMR than more senior and establsihed players like Mashrafee, Rafique and Ashraful

In TEST, its a myth rather than reality, i.e we don't have any true Match winner in our team yet. So there is no point to brag about who is our Match Winner and who is not in TEST team.
"Make Bangladesh Cricket Great Again"

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