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Bangladesh has played 198 ODI out of which they won 44 games i.e. winning percentage of 22%. In these games, Bangladeshi players earned 49 MOMs i.e. 24% times.

Therefore if we look for match winners, we me be disappointed. However taking into consideration of our 22% team winning percentage, if we lower our bar and try to find out who are our match wining contributors in game in game out, that may be more relevant to us. Also that will give us another POV to analyze our young team that who may give us our next WIN (or close to win) by winning another MOM award. This thread I am using PMOM Rate as an indicator of player's rate/projection of their MOM and thereby give the team a chance for another win.

Here are the 198 games we played and the MOM for each.
YEAROpponentWinnerMOMMan of the Series
1986PakistanPakistanWasim Akram (Pakistan)
1986Sri LanksSri LankaAP Gurusinha (Sri Lanka)
1988IndiaIndiaNS Sidhu (India)
1988PakistanPakistanMoin-ul-Atiq (Pakistan)
1988Sri LanksSri LankaDSBP Kuruppu (Sri Lanka)
1990New ZealandNew ZealandAH Jones (New Zealand)
1990AustraliaAustraliaPL Taylor (Australia)
1990IndiaIndiaNS Sidhu (India)
1990Sri LanksSri LankaAthar Ali Khan (Bangladesh)
1995IndiaIndiaM Prabhakar (India)
1995Sri LanksSri LankaA Ranatunga (Sri Lanka)
1995PakistanPakistanWasim Akram (Pakistan)
1997PakistanPakistanSaeed Anwar (Pakistan)
1997Sri LanksSri LankaST Jayasuriya (Sri Lanka)
1997IndiaIndiaSC Ganguly (India)
1997KenyaKenyaKO Otieno (Kenya)
1997ZimbabweZimbabweGW Flower (Zimbabwe)
1997ZimbabweZimbabweBC Strang (Zimbabwe)
1997KenyaKenyaMA Suji (Kenya)
1998IndiaIndiaJ Srinath (India)
1998PakistanPakistanSaqlain Mushtaq (Pakistan)
1998IndiaIndiaA Jadeja (India)
1998KenyaBangladeshMohammad Rafique (Bangladesh)
1998KenyaKenyaSO Tikolo (Kenya)
1998IndiaIndiaA Kumble (India)
1999PakistanPakistanInzamam-ul-Haq (Pakistan)
1999KenyaKenyaSO Tikolo (Kenya)
1999ZimbabweZimbabweA Flower (Zimbabwe)
1999KenyaKenyaKO Otieno (Kenya)
1999ZimbabweZimbabweDR Campbell (Zimbabwe)
1999New ZealandNew ZealandGR Larsen (New Zealand)
1999West IndiesWest IndiesCA Walsh (West Indies)
1999ScotlandBangladeshMinhajul Abedin (Bangladesh)
1999AustraliaAustraliaTM Moody (Australia)
1999PakistanBangladeshKhaled Mahmud (Bangladesh)
1999West IndiesWest IndiesJC Adams (West Indies)
1999West IndiesWest IndiesBC Lara (West Indies)
2000Sri LanksSri LankaPA de Silva (Sri Lanka)
2000IndiaIndiaSC Ganguly (India)
2000PakistanPakistanImran Nazir (Pakistan)
2000EnglandEnglandAJ Stewart (England)
2001ZimbabweZimbabweBC Strang (Zimbabwe)
2001ZimbabweZimbabweADR Campbell (Zimbabwe)
2001ZimbabweZimbabweGW Flower (Zimbabwe)
2001ZimbabweZimbabweCB Wishart (Zimbabwe)
2001ZimbabweZimbabweDD Ebrahim (Zimbabwe)
2001ZimbabweZimbabweDD Ebrahim (Zimbabwe)
2002PakistanPakistanRashid Latif (Pakistan)
2002PakistanPakistanYousuf Youhana (Pakistan)
2002PakistanPakistanShahid Afridi (Pakistan)
2002Sri LanksSri LankaMS Atapattu (Sri Lanka)
2002Sri LanksSri LankaCRD Fernando (Sri Lanka)
2002Sri LanksSri LankaRP Arnold (Sri Lanka)Khaled Mashud (Bangladesh)
2002AustraliaAustraliaJN Gillespie (Australia)
2002New ZealandNew ZealandSE Bond (New Zealand)
2002South AfricaSouth AfricaHH Gibbs (South Africa)
2002South AfricaSouth AfricaHH Gibbs (South Africa)
2002South AfricaSouth AfricaSM Pollock (South Africa)
2002West Indiesn/rN/A
2002West IndiesWest IndiesRR Sarwan (West Indies)
2002West IndiesWest IndiesVC Drakes (West Indies)
2003CanadaCanadaA Codrington (Canada)
2003Sri LanksSri LankaWPUJC Vaas (Sri Lanka)
2003West Indiesn/rN/A
2003South AfricaSouth AfricaM Ntini (South Africa)
2003New ZealandNew ZealandCD McMillan (New Zealand)
2003KenyaKenyaMO Odumbe (Kenya)
2003IndiaIndiaYuvraj Singh (India)
2003South AfricaSouth AfricaMohammad Ashraful (Bangladesh)
2003IndiaIndiaG Gambhir (India)
2003South AfricaSouth AfricaSM Pollock (South Africa)
2003AustraliaAustraliaB Lee (Australia)
2003AustraliaAustraliaDR Martyn (Australia)
2003AustraliaAustraliaRT Ponting (Australia
2003PakistanPakistanYasir Hameed (Pakistan)
2003PakistanPakistanUmar Gul (Pakistan)
2003PakistanPakistanUmar Gul (Pakistan)
2003PakistanPakistanYousuf Youhana (Pakistan)
2003PakistanPakistanYasir Hameed (Pakistan)
2003EnglandEnglandA Flintoff (England)
2003EnglandEnglandA Flintoff (England)
2003EnglandEnglandA Flintoff (England)
2004ZimbabweBangladeshMohammad Ashraful (Bangladesh)
2004ZimbabweZimbabweHH Streak (Zimbabwe)
2004ZimbabweZimbabweKhaled Mahmud (Bangladesh)
2004West IndiesWest IndiesTL Best (West Indies)
2004West IndiesWest IndiesDR Smith (West Indies)
2004West IndiesWest IndiesDR Smith (West Indies)
2004Hong KongBangladeshJaved Omar (Bangladesh)
2004PakistanPakistanYasir Hameed (Pakistan)
2004IndiaIndiaSR Tendulkar (India)
2004Sri LanksSri LankaST Jayasuriya (Sri Lanka)
2004PakistanPakistanShoaib Malik (Pakistan)
2004South AfricaSouth AfricaCK Langeveldt (South Africa)
2004West IndiesWest IndiesCH Gayle (West Indies)
2004New ZealandNew ZealandCL Cairns (New Zealand)
2004New ZealandNew ZealandAftab Ahmed (Bangladesh)
2004New ZealandNew ZealandSB Styris (New Zealand)
2004IndiaIndiaM Kaif (India)
2004IndiaBangladeshMashrafe Mortaza (Bangladesh)
2004IndiaIndiaV Sehwag (India)
2005ZimbabweZimbabweDT Hondo (Zimbabwe)
2005ZimbabweZimbabweBG Rogers (Zimbabwe)
2005ZimbabweBangladeshManjural Islam Rana (Bangladesh)
2005ZimbabweBangladeshManjural Islam Rana (Bangladesh
2005ZimbabweBangladeshMohammad Rafique (Bangladesh)
2005EnglandEnglandME Trescothick (England)
2005AustraliaBangladeshMohammad Ashraful (Bangladesh)
2005EnglandEnglandPD Collingwood (England)
2005AustraliaAustraliaA Symonds (Australia)
2005EnglandEnglandAJ Strauss (England)
2005AustraliaAustraliaShahriar Nafees (Bangladesh)
2005Sri LanksSri LankaDPMD Jayawardene (Sri Lanka)
2005Sri LanksSri LankaWU Tharanga (Sri Lanka)
2005Sri LanksSri LankaCRD Fernando (Sri Lanka)
2006Sri LanksSri LankaPDRL Perera (Sri Lanka)
2006Sri LanksBangladeshAftab Ahmed (Bangladesh)
2006Sri LanksSri LankaKC Sangakkara (Sri Lanka)
2006KenyaBangladeshShahriar Nafees (Bangladesh)
2006KenyaBangladeshSyed Rasel (Bangladesh)
2006KenyaBangladeshMohammad Rafique (Bangladesh)
2006KenyaBangladeshRajin Saleh (Bangladesh)Shahriar Nafees (Bangladesh)
2006AustraliaAustraliaAC Gilchrist (Australia)
2006AustraliaAustraliaA Symonds (Australia)
2006AustraliaAustraliaMJ Cosgrove (Australia)
2006ZimbabweZimbabweS Matsikenyeri (Zimbabwe)
2006ZimbabweBangladeshFarhad Reza (Bangladesh)
2006ZimbabweZimbabweBRM Taylor (Zimbabwe)
2006ZimbabweZimbabweP Utseya (Zimbabwe)
2006ZimbabweBangladeshShahriar Nafees (Bangladesh)
2006KenyaBangladeshShakib Al Hasan (Bangladesh)
2006KenyaBangladeshMashrafe Mortaza (Bangladesh)
2006KenyaBangladeshMashrafe Mortaza (Bangladesh)Mashrafe Mortaza (Bangladesh)
2006Sri LanksSri LankaWU Tharanga (Sri Lanka)
2006West IndiesWest IndiesCH Gayle (West Indies)
2006ZimbabweBangladeshShahriar Nafees (Bangladesh)
2006ZimbabweBangladeshShahriar Nafees (Bangladesh)
2006ZimbabweBangladeshSC Williams (Zimbabwe)
2006ZimbabweBangladeshAbdur Razzak (Bangladesh)
2006ZimbabweBangladeshAftab Ahmed (Bangladesh)
2006ZimbabweBangladeshGB Brent (Zimbabwe)Shahriar Nafees (Bangladesh)
2006ScotlandBangladeshShakib Al Hasan (Bangladesh)
2006ScotlandBangladeshMashrafe Mortaza (Bangladesh)Aftab Ahmed (Bangladesh)
2007ZimbabweBangladeshShakib Al Hasan (Bangladesh)
2007ZimbabweZimbabweGB Brent (Zimbabwe)
2007ZimbabweBangladeshShahriar Nafees (Bangladesh)
2007ZimbabweBangladeshAftab Ahmed (Bangladesh)Mashrafe Mortaza (Bangladesh)
2007BermudaBangladeshShahriar Nafees (Bangladesh)
2007CanadaBangladeshShakib Al Hasan (Bangladesh)
2007IndiaBangladeshMashrafe Mortaza (Bangladesh)
2007Sri LanksSri LankaST Jayasuriya (Sri Lanka)
2007BermudaBangladeshMohammad Ashraful (Bangladesh)
2007AustraliaAustraliaGD McGrath (Australia)
2007New ZealandNew ZealandSE Bond (New Zealand)
2007South AfricaBangladeshMohammad Ashraful (Bangladesh)
2007EnglandEnglandSI Mahmood (England)
2007IrelandIrelandWTS Porterfield (Ireland)
2007West IndiesWest IndiesRR Sarwan (West Indies)
2007IndiaIndiaMS Dhoni (India)
2007IndiaIndiaG Gambhir (India)
2007Sri LanksSri LankaCRD Fernando (Sri Lanka)
2007Sri LanksSri LankaST Jayasuriya (Sri Lanka)
2007Sri LanksSri LankaJ Mubarak (Sri Lanka)
2007New ZealandNew ZealandJM How (New Zealand)
2007New ZealandNew ZealandPG Fulton (New Zealand)
2008New ZealandNew ZealandDL Vettori (New Zealand)
2008South AfricaSouth AfricaGC Smith (South Africa)
2008South AfricaSouth AfricaA Nel (South Africa)
2008South AfricaSouth AfricaJA Morkel (South Africa)
2008IrelandBangladeshMashrafe Mortaza (Bangladesh)
2008IrelandBangladeshFarhad Reza (Bangladesh)
2008IrelandBangladeshTamim Iqbal (Bangladesh)Shahriar Nafees (Bangladesh)
2008PakistanPakistanMohammad Yousuf (Pakistan)
2008PakistanPakistanSalman Butt (Pakistan)
2008PakistanPakistanSalman Butt (Pakistan)
2008PakistanPakistanShakib Al Hasan (Bangladesh)
2008PakistanPakistanMohammad Asif (Pakistan)
2008PakistanPakistanSalman Butt (Pakistan)
2008IndiaIndiaG Gambhir (India)
2008UAEBangladeshMohammad Ashraful (Bangladesh)
2008Sri LanksSri LankaKC Sangakkara (Sri Lanka)
2008IndiaIndiaSK Raina (India)
2008Sri LanksSri LankaST Jayasuriya (Sri Lanka)
2008PakistanPakistanAbdur Rauf (Pakistan
2008AustraliaAustraliaMEK Hussey (Australia)
2008AustraliaAustraliaSE Marsh (Australia)
2008AustraliaAustraliaTamim Iqbal (Bangladesh)
2008New ZealandBangladeshJunaid Siddique (Bangladesh)
2008New ZealandNew ZealandJDP Oram (New Zealand)
2008New ZealandNew ZealandLRPL Taylor (New Zealand)
2008South AfricaSouth AfricaDW Steyn (South Africa)
2008South AfricaSouth AfricaHM Amla (South Africa)
2008South AfricaabanN/A
2009ZimbabweZimbabweE Chigumbura (Zimbabwe)
2009Sri LanksBangladeshShakib Al Hasan (Bangladesh)
2009Sri LanksSri LankaKC Sangakkara (Sri Lanka)Shakib Al Hasan (Bangladesh)
2009ZimbabweZimbabweRW Price (Zimbabwe)
2009ZimbabweBangladeshRaqibul Hasan (Bangladesh)
2009ZimbabweBangladeshMashrafe Mortaza (Bangladesh)Shakib Al Hasan (Bangladesh)

Here are the Bangladeshi players you won MOM and calculated PMOM Rate
PlayerMOMODI PlayedPotntial MOM
Shahriar Nafees60711.67%
Shakib Al Hasan6269.68%
Manjural Islam Rana2528.00%
Mashrafe Mortaza10376.80%
Farhad Reza3226.25%
Junaid Siddique 1715.88%
Athar Ali Khan1915.26%
Aftab Ahmed8045.00%
Raqibul Hasan2314.35%
Mohammad Ashraful13964.32%
Minhajul Abedin2414.17%
Tamim Iqbal5323.77%
Khaled Mahmud7722.60%
Syed Rasel3912.56%
Mohammad Rafique12532.40%
Rajin Saleh4312.33%
Javed Omar5911.69%
Adbur Razzak8111.23%

Atlast the ODI data is compiled together and PMOM Rate calculated. For those who care take a look, it may open some eye ( as it did to me)...

I am reposting my observation here anyway....

Facts from the data (ODI):

1) Shahriar Nafees and Mashrafe got maximum of 7 MOMs followed by Ashraful and Shakib who got 6 MOMs.

2) The top 5 PMOM Rate Holders are 1) SN ( 11.7%), 2) Shakib (9.7%), 3) Rana (8%), 4) Mashrafe (6.8%), Farhad (6.2%)

However Rana and Farhad didn't played enough games to have a stabilized PMOM.

My comments (about our ODI players) :

Personally it really opens my mind about the few thinks:

1) We can trust our young players in future to win us some games for us in future, more that what we used to get in the past.

2) Rana's 8% PMOM (3rd in the list) , just make me realize that what a talent we lost, nothing spectacular.. no hype, but result oriented performance like a blue color worker.

3) Marshrafee is still our most trust worthy experienced player we have.

4) Shakib will lead us to the next level. I am hoping that his PMOMR will increase over next few years as most of his MOMRsare recent.

5) We need SN as soon as possible in the team. Some of his MOM (not all) came from weaker teams. But then, those are teams we play more. So why not bring him back to make sure we win against them day in day out. That will make our team's job much easier.

6) We need to bring back Farhad into the ODI equation as soon as possible. He may not be a solution for TEST or T20, but looks like he is still an untapped potential for our ODI team. In his limited exposure his PMOMR of 8% ( 4th in all time list) proves. At least he will bring some competition.

7) As we already spent some time in Junaid, maybe we should stick with him a little longer. But only when he is inform with the bat. No point to spoil his career. Long term, I would like to see further where he can take us.

8) Raqibul will stabilize our lineup and in low scoring bowling friendly games, he may win some MOMs as well as games for us.

9) Aftab (5%) has slightly higher PMOMR than Ashraful (4.3%). Aftab may bring some experience, flair and some quick runs like Ash. So I say we need to bring back Aftab also and let him compete with Ash for a slot in the final 11.

10) By this time Tamim should have a much better PMOMR what he have now. He need to go to the next level . These 30s and 40s is not going give him any MOMs. As an opener, he is in a unique position. He needs to take it to 80s and 100s.

11) Pilot was the best WC that we ever had. Pilot had one "Man of the series" award. We need more production from our current WC groups. And the way to do it is more competition. There comes brining back Dhiman if we donlt have any talent who is ready to challenge Rahim.

12) More or less I feel much better about our future with our newer corps of players, specially the middle order. However in Bowling, Opener, and WC we have to see which young players step in to replace Mashrafe, SN, and Pilot. Because up to now, we still don’t have adequate replacement of those three.

[Updated June 29, 2009]
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