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Originally Posted by cricman
So You Wasted, 15 Minutes of yours and Our Time Due to your Hatred of Ash?

In the End Fazal, Ash will Always Win, Remember that
I didn't waste your time. It's you who is responsible for your own wasted time. And please don't try to judge my own time and how I use it and whether I consider it wasted or not.

I understand that you are pissed off with what is happening with Ash.

If you want to vent off your frustration, please go somewhere else and pick some one esle to fight. Lets not go again in a discussion who kiss Ash's as$ and who hates Ash.

I care less if Ash is personally successful or not, I care more if team wins or lose. may be there is our difference.

We all support our team. I think Ash is damaging the team's goal and you think he is helping, and lets keep it that way and agree to disagree.

And if you think this thread is wasting your time, please feel free to ignore this thread.

"Make Bangladesh Cricket Great Again"

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