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Originally Posted by Siraji
Woo, looks like SN is our 'match winner'.
: floor::f loor:

Biggest joke in recent times!!

Peraonally, I don't believe in matchwinners. It's impossible to 'win' a match alone.For example, without Bashars slowpoke 47, Ash's exploding 100 would be useless. Without Ash's run a ball 26, Shakib's sensational 92 would be in vain.

Dev whatmore targetted players and asked for personal improvement only as a way to improve the team.This is not the way to be a formidable team. This is the way towards a merely respectable team,which I admit we're still a way apart from .

In a settled team, A match winner is someone who can finish the game or go an extra mile, like Albie Morkel or Pietersen or Yuvraj. But to do that, they must be given a platform. We currently don't have a line up that can provide the launchpad for a potential matchwinner. Once that part is done, I'll look for matchwinner.

Remember, even the Mighty Gayle can't win a measly 20 over battle by himself.
Well Siraji, if you don;t believe in 'match winner' concept, I agree with you. You cannot ignore supporting players' role as this game is not played by 1 player but 11 players.

Therefore the logic that player X or Y ( regardless of his performance) cannot be droped by claiming he is a match winner, and without him we cannot win any more, should not make any sense to you also.

But then again you explained who is a match winner in your POV. See there lies the problem, your definition is too vague and subjest to interpretation and will be different based on individual and cannot be backed up with facts. And there we get statements from fans that "he is our true match winner and he is not". It cannot be backup by stat, and there lies the problem.
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