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Originally Posted by Tigers_eye
Can you afford to play for a draw in T20? I think that is significant.
How did I miss that!
Tie? yes. Draw? Never in limited overs cricket.

Originally Posted by Tigers_eye
So basically these two formats are at the two opposite end. Needs different sets of skills, mindset, and approach? 90% (arbitrary number) nothing in common right?
At more abstract level, the requirements are the same. One has to play accprding to the situation. If situation demands, one can go for scroing quickly also in tests. Actually, skilled players can play both test and shorter format effectively, Kallis and Dravid are examples.

So, IMO, it is not the demand in skill; rather it is the demand in the match situations that differ. For example, a T20 match situation most often demands scoring quickly; but they can also demand building partnerships. T20 is used to be perceived as a batsmen's game; but good bowlers can also do wonders. It is all about the ability to think and make best use of skills.
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