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Originally Posted by Tigers_eye
How many 450 minutes football game you watched? The question of Stamina is mute here. Those who like Test makes time to watch it. If BD starts winning or even competing against other nations it would NOT be hard for BCB to fill up the seats, with the right marketing strategy ofcourse.
My point is if T20 had been around for over a century and someone came up with the Test concept, think how ridiculous that would be.

Filling up the stadium is not enough. There is money involved in travel, housing the players, preparing the stadiums and maintaining it for 5 days. Test is a TV sport, not a stadium sport. You go to a soccer, basketball game as a casual fan just like T20. Nobody goes, hey I need to do something today, let me go spend a day at the stadium watching a bowler and batsment play test of skill by blocking and bowling outside the stump line to see who falls asleep first (I chose not to say blink).

Even if Test glory is the ultimate goal, you can not fund the development to get there without T20 and ODI money. So why wouldn't you want to improve on those two?

On a side note T_E, you and I need to meet somewhere in the middle (maybe TN), grab a couple of drinks (even though I haven't touched any for the last 8 years) and really hash this out until one of us begs for mercy and surrenders the format of their choice.
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