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Atlast the ODI data is compiled together and PMOM Rate calculated. For those who care take a look, it may open some eye ( as it did to me)...

I am reposting my observation here anyway....

Facts from the data (ODI):

1) Shahriar Nafees and Mashrafe got maximum of 7 MOMs followed by Ashraful and Shakib who got 6 MOMs.

2) The top 5 PMOM Rate Holders are 1) SN ( 11.7%), 2) Shakib (9.7%), 3) Rana (8%), 4) Mashrafe (6.8%), Farhad (6.2%)

However Rana and Farhad didn't played enough games to have a stabilized PMOM.

My comments (about our ODI players) :

Personally it really opens my mind about the few thinks:

1) We can trust our young players to win us some games for us in future, more than what we used to get in the past.

2) Rana's 8% PMOM (3rd in the list) just make me realize that what a talent we lost, nothing spectacular.. no hype, but result oriented performance like a blue color worker.

3) Marshrafee is still our most trust worthy experienced player we have.

4) Shakib will lead us to the next level. I am hoping that his PMOMR will increase over next few years as most of his MOMRs are recent.

5) We need SN as soon as possible in the team. Some of his MOM (not all) came from weaker teams. But then, those are teams we play more. So why not bring him back to make sure we win against them day in day out. That will make our team's job much easier.

6) We need to bring back Farhad into the ODI equation as soon as possible. He may not be a solution for TEST or T20, but looks like he is still an untapped potential for our ODI team. In his limited exposure his PMOMR of 8% ( 4th in all time list) proves. At least he will bring some competition.

7) As we already spent some time in Junaid, maybe we should stick with him a little longer. But only when he is inform with the bat. No point to spoil his career. Long term, I would like to see further where he can take us.

8) Raqibul will stabilize our lineup and in "low scoring bowler friendly" games, he may win some MOMs as well as games for us.

9) Aftab (5%) has slightly higher PMOMR than Ashraful (4.3%). Aftab may bring some experience, flair and some quick runs like Ash. So I say we need to bring back Aftab also and let him compete with Ash for a slot in the final 11.

10) By this time Tamim should have a much better PMOMR what he have now. He need to go to the next level . These 30s and 40s is not going give him any MOMs. As an opener, he is in a unique position to milk 50 overs. He needs to take it to 80s and 100s.

11) Pilot was the best WC that we ever had. Pilot had one "Man of the series" award. We need more production from our current WC groups. And the way to do it is more competition. There comes "brining back Dhiman" issue if we donlt have any other talent who is ready to challenge Rahim.

12) More or less I feel much better about our future with our newer corps of players, specially the middle order and allrounders. However in Bowling, Opener, and WC we have to see which young players step in to replace Mashrafe, SN, and Pilot from MOM perspective. Because up to now, we still don’t have adequate replacement of those three.
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