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Hurray! Boss has given us green signal. Come'on folks if you want an alternate one especially a Bangla one....start brainstorming.

Some suggestions:

Banglacricket: Tirthokaaker Amontron!
Banglacricket: Tomar Priyo Shomprochar-Urmi
Banglacricket: Manochitrer Spriha

Meh...some fancy ones:
Bangalcricket: Joyer Onjulipurno Morichika
Banglacricket: Shangrila of Hope
Banglacricket: In search of.... (sth. elusive)

Come'on....I know far better ones than these exist in your heads. *waits for shardul vai*

Disclaimer: If you don't contribute, that means you don't love Gopal.
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