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Originally posted by Shehwar
...Now what Iím suggesting is a bit different. Since a lot of folks in this forum feel that itís not worth it to bring back the senior players & since a few of us feel the other way around. I would suggest the cricket board to organize three unofficial Test matches between the current national side & a team consisting Bulbul, Nannu, Akram, Mehrab, Naimur & company.....

Good writing as a whole..
But I do have a straightforward question shehwar.. Since we have been talking a lot in this forum about senior players who have retired already..

Have you had any hint yet that the BCB or Dav or anyone related directly to BD cricket is even thinking about bringing back one single player from the past?

Are they at all even discussing in their most casual times about playing Bulbul/Nannu/Akram/Athar or anyone else at all?

I have asked this question few more times before in this forum as we so often discuss this matter of senior-junior ratio. But probably this issue(bring Bulbul back) is only existant in some writings of this forum/site... no where else...

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