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Shehwar, very nice writing. it seems like there are two groups in this forum who are always fighting on the issue of Sr. & Jr. Just like Republican and Democrat (in US) are doing on Stem Cell issue. What can you do? If one doesnt research on those cells then they cannot find a cure of very ugly diseases. But if u do research then u r killing a person. Well our issue might not be as complex as this one..but its pretty deep too. I like your idea of having 3 teams to play each other. And yes India did do this before to select the players. May be 3 tests will be too much since we dont have much time between now and india/zim but at least have them play couple of tests.

The computer analyst (Nasu bhai) of the national team is my relative (not very close tho). I am trying to find his email address and when i do, i will ask the questions that "crickethorizon" has asked. Are BCB or DW really thinking abt bringing any old player back?
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