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Originally Posted by BANFAN
Is it due to taking lightly or lack of ability ?

The players have just got a lesson after losing to IRE and the captain is fired. More over the alternative team has provided some opportunity to come out of that grave. They were taking a lot of time to get set. No body was out playing big hits etc don't suggest that they have taken it lightly. I felt, They simply don't have the skills to bat at their will. 6 gone and it could even be allout if the inside edges would go on to stums and missed catches would be taken.

Captain wasn't the problem, it's the coach (Sorry Couldn't avoid if it's a repeatation). Our players aren't improving technically. Technical mistakes don't generally gets corrected in self development method. Not a single player has shown even bits and pieces technical improvement in last more than a year under this coach. He may be a brilliant guy bit he isn't capable of teaching/training. Again, that's my opinion.
I won't say its a lack of ability. We always do worse against debutant players. We've made so many bowlers and batsmen hero in their debut against us. It's all because we take the debutants very lightly.! History repeating

About the coach, I think you are right. I don't understand what he is doing. I don't see any improvements in batsmen. Some say he changed Shakib and Tamim. But question is how and on what basis?
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