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Originally Posted by Tokai
Well, when you win the toss you are given an "option" to choose between bat or ball for a reason. If it was that obvious, winning the toss would automatically mean batting.

Yeah, yeah, I know that old say, "think....bat". But if there was ever a time to bowl first this would have been it. for two very big reasons:

1) its been raining overnight and both outfield and pitch was sloggy.
2) this is the main reason: we got 9 debutants who did not even had a chance to practice together. They probably did not even had a line up set, when the captain went for the toss. Bowling first give them the chance to settle down and think their strategy trough. It was the difference between starting an air strike at the middle of the night and dropping of leaflet a day ago that at this and this time there will be air strike.

Now, I of course don't know for sure who's decision was it. But whoever took the decision, it was a blunder, no doubt about that.
spot on...........ryt
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