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The first test has been quite a disappointment, but I'll give them that for acclimatising factors. I dont expect much from this U-19 team, they're not comparable to McInnes' U-19 with Aftab, Abir, Tamim, Sakib, Mushy, Rajib.

However I am glad that they're not wasting time in domestic first class matches and are instead going to play against quality opponents. They should tour over and over across different countries more often. They do need to be coached by quality people. McInnes and de Winter were Godsends.

In fact if the A Team, U-19 and BCB XIs toured more than our national team, I bet we couldve groomed our players a heck lot better than we have done for Rubel, Riyad, Rakib, Imrul, Nayeem, etc
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