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Default For the Asterisk lovers ...

This is dedicated space for Jesus87, Warfaze, Spitty and others of there ilk. You know, the so-called BD fans who cannot bear that our wins have *shudder*, that mythical asterisk next to it.

We know you will only be happy when our wins happen against Australia
... @ the WACA (fastest pitch in the world)
... with Don Bradman brought back by a time machine,
.... Shane Warne circa mid 90s,
.... with a young Lille opening bowling with McGrath and Thommo coming first change.
.... The umpires would be Australian.
.... And the pitch would have enough grass that a 200 over old ball would seam about as well as bounce.

The win would have to happen in two days and by an innings _and_ 10 wickets!
The win would have to be so awesome that Hookes would turn in his grave.
The win would have to be so comprehensive that the trolls in pakpassion and rediff would hand in their membership and start supporting BD cricket.

Until that win, please post your sourpuss, kill-joy, absurd negativisms here and spare our rare moments of joy. And while you are at it, please post the scorecards for official Test matches from the Packer era - such as the 78-79 Ashes. Please do the same for ICC sanctioned matches played by Windies, Sri Lanka, England and Australia during the "rebel" tours of South Africa. We can all peer at the asterisks placed against those wins.
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