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I was gonna go the opposite route.

This win means nothing, the same way as:

- none of the wins against Zimbabwe - test and ODI - mean anything, because they've been a depleted team since we started beating them.
- the win against Australia means nothing, because Andrew Symonds didn't play and all the other Aussies were down cause Andrew Symonds didn't play.
- the wins against India mean nothing, because the first game they were down cause Tendulkar didn't play, and the second game they were down remembering Tendulkar didn't play on the night of tsunami.
- the win against New Zealand means nothing, because Shane bond was in Delhi.
- the win against Pakistan means nothing, because we didn't get out cur of the loot from the bookie.
- the win against South Africa means nothing, because Gibbs was injured and therefore couldn't hit 6 sixes in Abdur Razzak's over.
- the wins against Sri Lanka mean nothing, because in the first game Jayasuria couldn't complete his century, and in the second game Jayasuria was older and couldn't complete his century; not to mention the game was shortened.
- None of the wins against Canada, Ireland, Kenya, Netherlands, Scorlands mean anything, because, well, there gotta some reason...
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